Snowbird, Shaun White, and Grandmas

Snowbird, Shaun White, and Grandmas

By Powderhound Cat \ September 23 2012


The Ski Utah blog team recently went on an adventure. Our summers of dreaming about snow are winding down, and we headed to Snowbird to celebrate.

It got me thinking.

Snowbird knows, Ski Utah knows, and the locals know. Snowbird has a reputation. It’s the mountain. It’s good. Real good. We know that when you’re online booking your Utah vacation, you think, “Oh man, my friends will be impressed knowing I skied here. I will be the envy of my co workers. My wife will grimace, but also think I’m much more manly. I’ll walk taller, good things will happen.”

And some of that (I don’t know about your co workers and wives) is true. The mountain takes skill. But even if you end up lapping Lupine Loop and taking Chip’s Run back to the lodge on shaky legs, you skied the Bird.

You should know that Snowbird is just as breathtaking, as inspiring, as adventure packed, in the summer months.

Shaun White recently had a little hotel escapade that I’m glad to say the Ski Utah blog team did not emulate, we just came close. If you like to party, you’ll love Snowbird. From the Aerie on top to the Tram Club underground, the Cliff Lodge delivers. To be honest, the Aerie might be the hippest spot for a cocktail in the state. No throwing lamps or getting hurt allowed.

Say you’re more low key. That’s what got me thinking about my grandma. If you have a friend or family member that’s never seen what you do, take them to the top of the tram in the summer. We rode up with a great group of SLC locals that had never been skiing before. It was a riot. The views are breathtaking (it sounds blasphemous, I know!) even when Hidden Peak isn’t covered in a fresh white coat.

Most skiers call this time in between now and winter “shoulder season”, the time just before our high snow season arrives.

Travel is affordable, and discounts on food and hotels may be offered. It’s a perfect time to head up to the mountains.

I loved the coaster and Mountain Flyer, to be totally honest things I never saw myself trying at a ski resort.

I loved Oktoberfest. It was exciting, with vendors, crafts, music, events, and of course delicious beers, wines and cocktails. Oktoberfest runs three more weekends!

So no matter your speed, remember Snowbird isn’t only impressive because of its steeps and deeps. It offers so much to all levels of skiers and summer afternoon adventure seekers, from Shaun White to your grandma. Good times for all.

*Let it snow*

Powderhound Cat