Goodbye Election, Hello Powder! 7 Ski Trip Planning Resources

Goodbye Election, Hello Powder! 7 Ski Trip Planning Resources

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By Travel Tips and Deals \ November 16 2016

Not happy about the vibes swirling around election season? Me either. It was freakin’ rough! Now that it’s over I’m focusing on more important things, like tuning my skis and watching the snow forecast.

I’m ready to lose myself in the flow of a long powder run.

If you feel the same, do what I do and watch some good skiing/riding films, prep your gear, and plan a trip! It’s not too soon to set plans in motion and it will cheer you up.

To help, I’ve gathered a few of my top planning posts here for quick reference:

27 Ways to Save on Your Utah Ski Vacation

Saving a few bucks could mean a lot and may even provide an opportunity to spend another few extra days playing in the fluffy stuff. Here are a few ideas to save on your trip

The Giant List of Utah Ski Season News and Deals

Looking forward to the 2016–17 ski season, there are new and exciting things in store for skiers and riders. BIG stuff! This is a really long post, so grab a snack and play some pounding ski tunes to set the mood. This list starts with what’s new at Utah’s resorts, then covers deals and passes, so make sure you get to the end!

Ski Tech You Won't Want to Miss

The tech under foot is the beginning, and then there is the tech in your pocket, on your body, or even your ride to the hill. I decided to dig around for some inexpensive fun stuff that could make your next ski or snowboarding experience more fun.

Learning to Ski and Ride: Why Multi-Day Lessons Win

Lessons can ease anxiety and speed your learning curve, a good thing when you have a limited number of days to play! And trust me, you can learn to ski and have a blast during a ski holiday.

Ticket to Ride: Utah Ski Bus Service

Concerned about saving money, convenience, comfort, and the environment? If so, I have a solution for you – the Ski Bus.

6 Tips for Planning A Budget Friendly Ski Vacation

If you’re planning a ski vacation, this is the time to book dates. But let’s face it, skiing and riding can be hard on the budget if you have to travel. Luckily, I have six tips that will save you from pawning grandma’s silver to fund your turns…

Ski Boot Fitting: Getting It Right the First Time

Properly fitted ski boots are the connection between your body and the ski—making them a crucial part of the performance formula. They also make a difference in your comfort throughout the day. However, ski boot fitting can be a frustrating process.

If you get inspired to visit, share where you plan to shred in the comments below!