Sundance - Something Refreshing

By Jake \ January 3 2008

sundance_to_edit (sundance_to_edit)There is something refreshing about Sundance. While most other resort over the past few years have strived to expand and offer more and more to their guests, Sundance has been content to keep things simple. Offering up what seems to be a minuscule 500 acres serviced by only three lifts, Sundance still has more than enough to keep almost any level of skier or snowboarder occupied.

Having never been to Sundance before, when I looked at the map for the first time I scoffed. Used to much larger resorts like the Canyons or Solitude I figured that a full day of Skiing here would be a waste. After two runs I knew I was wrong. From the top of Arrowhead you have access to some of the most diverse terrain I've encountered in all my years skiing. From smooth and fast groomed trails like Amy's Ridge and Bearclaw to more entertaining mogul filled runs like Bishops Bowl or Pipeline. Even a challenging double black area called Far East.

In such a small area Sundance has managed to create enough runs to keep you interested for many return trips. And at $35 for a midweek day pass, its a deal that truly can't be beaten anywhere in Utah. So whether your a local who hits the slopes every free moment or a visitor looking to get in a few good runs before heading back to your less snow endowed point of origin, give Sundance a try.