After many years skiing Alta...sharing it with Emily

After many years skiing Alta...sharing it with Emily

Mountain Mama

By Mountain Mama \ March 23 2010

I've been in Utah for 13 years.  I learned to ski later in life and have had a great time.  A lot of my time has been spent at Alta.  I love the drive up Little Cottonwood Canyon and the views once you get to the top of Supreme lift.  You can see down the valley and the beautiful views of Mt Superior.  It truly is stunning.  I have so many pictures from this spot; me and Husband, me and Dad, me and friends, just me.... now I can add me and Emily!  Something I never imagined at the start of this ski season.dscn0970 (dscn0970)dscn0976 (dscn0976)

If you check back on my blogs over this season, we started off with edgie wedgies at Brighton.  We're nearing the end of the season at the top of Supreme at Alta.  I had hopes maybe Em would be able to do some green runs by the end of the season, NOT heading to the top of the mountain.  What a wonderful surprise this has been!

So, we head out for our first Mom/Daughter ski day.  It is a mix of sun/clouds but pretty warm.  So, no need to dress like Eskimos today.  Since it is during the week, the crowds are gone and we basically have the mountain to ourselves.  Great!  Up we go on Sunnyside lift.  Em points out the "black diamond."  "Can we go on this one, Mom?"  WHAT??? I can't even do this.  "No, Em, let's skip this one today".  (OK, my little Lindsey Vonn is ready at 4!)   How about just tackling some blue slopes before we have lunch.  Since I haven't ridden the lift many times with her, the guys running the lift are awesome. They help her on and slow the lift.  Thanks for that...I can just get myself on.  As we get ready to get off, I have a death grip on her hand and hold on down the hill until we stop.  She informs me ..."Mom, you don't have to hang on that long.  My teacher lets my hand go right away!"  So...I'm not ready for black diamonds and I hang onto her hand too long.  I think I have a little buddy, not a small 4 year old with me.  We head up Cecret lift and over to Supreme.  She gets on like a champ and up the steep mountain we go.  I'm a little nervous she may have troubles coming down, but we'll see.

Right....Em is a champ.  She is so confident on her ability to stop and start.  I'm ahead and she follows right behind.  I try to get some video, but she's too quick.  By the time I get the camera recording...she's past me. The best thing about lessons at this age...they learn confidence!dscn0981 (dscn0981)

Time for lunch at Alfs.  I love this mid-mountain restaurant.  It has a laid back atmosphere and great views.  It is fun just to spend some time having a snack and taking in the views.  They have a good deal for kids lunch and I have the hot roast beef sandwich.  I still can't believe I'm here with Em.  I've spent many days in Alfs having a burger by myself...I like this much better :)dscn0985 (dscn0985)

After a nice break, we head down and stay on the lower part of the mountain.  Some nice green runs where Em can practice her turns.  It's nice when kids learn with instructors; they follow their lead and stay close behind.  We take several more runs and Emily does great!  You know when kids are tired, they start to snowplow a bit and energy runs low.  Best to stop before they get hurt.

Such a fun day!  A memory I will treasure forever and remember when Em is flying down the mountain at 15.  I'll remember the day when she was 4......