Brighton weekly group lessons....a well oiled machine

Brighton weekly group lessons....a well oiled machine

Mountain Mama

By Mountain Mama \ February 27 2010

Here we are the end of February and Emily has had quite a ski season.  You know you're supermom when your kids start skiing more than become the shuttle driver.  But, I'm a very proud Mom as Em has done a great job this season.

We've had quite a few lessons, both private and group.  Once the kids get comfortable on their feet, I would definitely recommend the multi-week lessons.  They have the same kids and instructor each week.  We just finished up Deer Valley, multi-week.   That blog is coming.

Let's talk Brighton.  A very well oiled machine with lessons as you've seen in previous blogs I've done.  First off, you can register online.  The great thing do it before hand.  You will pay for the lessons and then get your waiver in the mail to sign and mail back.  This is great so you don't have to worry about paperwork and chaos on the first day.  If you need worries.  Go an hour early to get and pay for your rentals.  If you want to rent for the entire 5 weeks, you'll get a discount.  You'll pay and get outfitted the first day.  You'll return at the end of the lesson, but  every other week; you just need to go pick up your rentals.  You've already gone through the rental/pay line, so get your gear and go.  No need to stand in the pay line.  Nice when you have wiggly kiddos anxious to hit the slopes.

Emily is in the Little Rippers Camp.  The great thing is, if parents want to ski while the kids are in get a $7 discount.  Adults can also get discounts on multi-week lessons for themselves or for some of the clinics going on.  Nice!  The parking lot is packed as it is a great Utah powder day!  (yea for Mom)  We still get a great park, put on our boots and away we go.  As you approach the meeting area, it is so organized!  A man greeted us with a clipboard, asked Em's name and told us we were in group 11 with Martha.  Big numbers and letters line the area...yep, easy enough! dscn0851 (dscn0851) We greet Martha, meet the other kids, discuss Em's ability, get Marthas biz card so I have a cell number, get Em's skis on and away they go.  Martha says  "let's go group 11" and away they go like little ducks.  There are 5 kids, Em being the youngest.  (way to go kiddo)   When you register online, you'll have the chance to make sure the kids get in the right group according to their ability.  You want to make sure the kids are skiing with the right group.  Don't overestimate their ability and then have them hold a group back.  You want them to feel safe and have a great time.  Brighton has other helpful hints.

Martha takes the kids on the beginner hill first to see how everyone skis. They want to make sure kids are in the right class for their ability.  I also really like that the kids NEVER ride the lift alone.dscn0855 (dscn0855)  Martha is the instructor and she has another gal, Sam, that skis along as well.  I skied one run with them.  Martha was in the lead and the kids followed her practicing their turns and techniques.  Sam follows the last child down.  This way if anyone falls, she can help them up and also to make sure nobody gets separated from the group.  The video is below.  I was skiing and filming, so you may need Dramamine while watching :)  The kids do take a break for a snack, so make sure you give them a little money to grab a hot chocolate or snack.  ( I forgot, sorry Em)  There are some beautiful green runs at Brighton that are long and great for practicing.  As you'll see in the video, tree lined and the kids even popped in for some tree runs.  Wait...I can't even do that!dscn0863 (dscn0863)

I got great skiing in and Em had a good time.  I picked her up where we started and off for hot chocolate.  Molly Greens is a little A-frame restaurant.  Fun atmosphere for apres-ski.  Having a quick snack and watching the snow come down...a great end to a fun ski day!

Coming day at Deer Valley and a great dinner at The Canyons!  Also, check out the latest coupons at Ski N See.