Does your type of ski really matter?  What I've does!

Does your type of ski really matter? What I've does!

Mountain Mama

By Mountain Mama \ April 4 2011

I've always had the mindset that you get really good boots and then just get some cheap skis.  Well...I've changed my mind!  The last couple of years, we've got our rentals from Ski' N See.  I've learned a lot!  First, you do want good boots.  I'd spend a bit of money on boots.  If your feet hurt, forget it...your day is ruined.  When you go into get rentals, you'll want to talk about boot options.  If you have a narrow foot or wide foot, it will make a difference.  Race type boots tend to be more narrow. Let's face it, most of us aren't racers.  I tend to like a lower on the calf boot with a wider fit.  Feels a little bit more comfortable for me.  As for the kids.  When they are little, a rear entry boot is better.  I had a talk with the manager of Ski' N See about boots for kids.  Kids need comfortable boots that go on quick.  The rear entry boots don't have all the buckets across the top.  I asked Ski N' See about that and they said until they get a little older and are really doing some big turns and more agressive turns, they don't need them.  I noticed some kids in Em's class had them.  Both my kids had the rear entry and they were fine (note the picture).bren boots (dscn2344)

As far as skis.  After trying everything from the economy skis (which I'm normally fine with) to the demos...I now know the difference.  It's funny because I never knew what I liked, but I sure know what I don't like.

From my opinion...what it's worth...the more expensive, Preferred or Demo skis ski the best.  Several reasons I discovered:

1. I like the shaped ski, but not too shaped.  I like the tips and tails to be about the same width with a very narrow cut on the sides under your boot.  I didn't like the skis with the big "shovel" at the top.  At least for me, I couldn't control it very well.  This turned out to be the Prefered Shape ski.

2.  Bindings can be heavy...or not depending on how they are attached to the ski.  Ask about that, weight made a difference to me.

3.  I like a short ski!  Let's face it...I'm short and I like to ski on a very short ski.  If you are like me and an average skier, shorter is easier to control.

4.  As far as brands...I'm not picky.  Everyone will differ on this, including my fellow bloggers I'm sure. But, with me being your average Joe, I don't have a favorite.


bren ski (dscn2695)For the goes by height alone.  I chatted with Ski' N See manager and he said they carry a couple different brands for the kids, but really it is the height of the child more than what kind of binding or brand of ski.

I'd definitely go with kids rentals.  They grow every year, so don't buy just to have to buy again the next year.  Season rentals are the way to go as they have them all season, get free wax, can upgrade if they grow and then return them at the end of the season.

You can still go onto Ski' N See website and get a discount for a rental.  In the promo spot, type in JODIDEMO25 and get 25% off your rental.

The snow continues to pile up in Utah.  Yes, it's April and to be honest...I'm ready to hike!  But, with snow this good...we'll be hitting the resorts one last time in the coming weeks.  Emily is good to go and wants to try her poles..will let you know how that goes.