Trying out daycare with one child while keeping an eye on the other in ski lessons...

Trying out daycare with one child while keeping an eye on the other in ski lessons...

Mountain Mama

By Mountain Mama \ January 28 2010

Brennan has not been a daycare child. We've been fortunate that one parent has stayed home. For those that have boys...don't know if yours are like mine... but there is a little separation anxiety.  A GREAT place to take them is to Deer Valley.  Brennan has been there a few times and all experiences have been very positive. The good thing is that the child care and the ski lessons are in the same place.  Once you register your child-have emergency contacts in mind and any allergies.  What made me very comfortable is the security.  You get an "invisible" stamp on your hand.  In order to move into the child care area, your hand will be scanned and there is a person that must "buzz" you in through the door. As a parent, this makes you feel very secure.dscn0776 (dscn0776)

There is a general play area with lots of ride on toys, jungle gym and everyones cubbys.  There are indivual rooms for the age of the child in a different area.  Since Brennan is still 2, we head to the Big Tot room. is nap time at 12:30 and he isn't interested.  Now, if everyone else is sleeping and your child doesn't, there are movies and quiet time to be had.  Bren found all the trucks and toys and was happy until I was leaving.  OH OH!! Scream!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm thinking "please don't wake everyone up".  I left and was informed he didn't cooperate too well.  But, with professional caregivers, they did their thing and I was able to go out to ski-sorry guys.dscn0774 (dscn0774)

The child care facility is a great option for those that have young ones and want to spend the day skiing. They will take them as young as 2 months!  You drop them in the AM before the lifts open and pick them up by 4:30.  They will also coordinate with ski school.  If you have a 3 year and they are potty trained (sorry Brennan, not yet), there is a Fawn program.  This is an hour long private lesson coordinated with the day care staff.  Your child can get out and get the feel of their skis and boots.

Since Emily is in the weekly lessons, she is doing her thing in the Bambi program.  Quite a blustery, snowy day, so she just stayed on the bunny hill.  But...doing great!! Love the fact that it is one instructor to 2 kids. Next lesson...straight to the green slopes with the "big boys".

Couple of hints on equipment.  First off, make sure the boots are fitting correctly.  When we were fitted at Ski n' See, they took the childs liner OUT of the boot and then put it on. You can see if there is enough room in the boot. You don't want it too big as their foot will move around.  When it's snowing, get your child a gator!  If you don't know what that is...find out!! Ski n' See will have plenty!  It is like a big fleece "sock" around your neck. NEVER use a scarf.  Would be scary to imagine what could happen if those dangling ends got stuck.

So, next to the green slopes for Emily and she just got a fresh wax on her skis.  With our season rentals at Ski n' See, they do it for free!! Can't beat that.

Skiing is awesome now with all this new snow!! I've been trying to get out as much as possible.  Carrying kids and equipment...I'm tired before I start.  Ok, say it...I must be out of shape.  That's why at Deer Valley, you get the shuttle from the parking lot!