Toast Alta's 75th Anniversary with a Custom Beer

Toast Alta's 75th Anniversary with a Custom Beer

Pam's Plate

By Pam's Plate \ November 14 2012

Some people know how to celebrate. To commemorate their 75th Anniversary season, the folks at Alta Ski Area had a beer made! What could be better to toast with than a beer with your name on it? Working collectively with the Wasatch Brew Crew, Alta just released the Alta 75th Anniversary Ale and all involved should be proud. At the launch party last week at Utah Brewers Cooperative, I had my first taste of the deep dry hopped pale ale. If you love the jaw-gripping tartness of IPAs, this bud’s for you. The Falconer’s Flight hops from the Pacific Northwest are flavor-forward, followed by balancing caramel and pale malts. It’s a flavorful but bracing 4% ABV beer, a perfect quencher after your last speed run of the day down Collins Face.

Surprising that this is the first beer made in Utah to be dedicated to a resort. Utah’s beer industry is relatively young, but not having one beer honoring a single run, chute or lift seems long overdue. That said, it’s fitting that the first belongs to Alta, always an outpost for rebels; originally an isolated mining town, by 1878 there were more saloons in Alta than all other types of businesses combined!

The Alta 75th Anniversary Ale will be available on at Squatters and Wasatch Pubs, as well as restaurants and grocery/convenience stores near Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons.