Tips To Avoid Sore Muscles This Ski Season

Tips To Avoid Sore Muscles This Ski Season


By Yeti \ December 4 2018

The first few times out at the beginning of each ski season usually brings a big smile to every skier and rider's face. But your leg muscles might not be as stoked to be back on the slopes. Skiing and riding requires different muscle sets to help absorb the force of your turns. Strengthening your hamstrings and quads, combined with running, walking or jumping, will help ease muscle soreness and build a strong support system for your knees. Here you'll find tips and exercises from physical therapist, Linda Scholl at University of Utah Health, avoid sore muscles and joints during ski season.

It typically requires 6-8 weeks to get your legs in prime skiing shape, but the season in Utah is long and there's no time like the present to start building up your leg strength with these exercises from University of Utah Health.

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