Utah's Goldilocks Effect

Utah's Goldilocks Effect


By Yeti \ December 21 2015

When Goldilocks entered the house of the three bears in the storied fable, she found a bowl of porridge, a chair and a bed that were all “just right.” In Utah, we have storms that are “just right” for deep powder skiing. We call them Goldilocks storms. But, unlike Goldilocks’ mere opinion that her chair was just right, Utah’s claim of having The Greatest Snow on Earth is backed up by science. Cold. Fluffy. Powdery. Facts. 

The facts are illustrated in the below Infographic 

1) Frequency of Storms

2) 'Just the Right Amount' of Snow

3) Hero Snow. 

To geek out on even more about the science of Utah snow, we recommend the book Secrets of the Greatest Snow on Earth by our good friend Jim Steenburgh.

Goldilocks Infographic