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These twins, at only seven years old, crush it on dirt and on snow. Follow their adventure…

Thanks @_naptime_ for keeping things rowdy this weekend. 📷@slcski on location in the only …

Going HUGE! Some of the best in the world showing everyone how it is done! #wouldyou #wowf…

Utah Olympic Park to Reveal Major Upgrades this Saturday

Wonder what all the dust and noise has been about up at UOP? I visited today and got all the details!

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Renting Skis For the First Time?

by Ski Utah Yeti

January 17 2011    0 Comments

With this being January Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month, many of you are out there renting skis for the very first time. Here is what you should be looking for.

Planning Rentals

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Clothes, snacks and tips I've learned skiing with the little ones

by Mountain Mama

February 13 2010    0 Comments

Everyone heads to the slopes to have a good time. With little ones, this means also staying warm enough, being well fed and NOT tired. As far as clothes go...I go the cheap route. At least when they're 4 and under. I take Em to her lessons and see a lot of the kids outfitted from head to toe in designer gear. Not us... we have Target brand all over. You know it is hard enough to keep the kids in shoes, pants, socks from year to year let alone jackets and boots. So, I decided that for the first few years, we'd get our snowpants and boots from Target. Ok, I know it's not cool, but up until now; they've worn their winter gear about 10 times max. Now that Em is a skier, we're going for the big time next year! This time of the year is the BEST time to shop. All the winter stuff goes on sale and you can stock up for next year so your kids don't have to wear the Target brand. By the way, snowpants and boots aren't that warm. Check out Ski n' See. They post new deals every week and if you keep up on it, you can really save a lot over time. After all, we can't afford the $150 ski pants for our kids; but keep an eye on end of the year sales and it is worth it as they are waterproof and much warmer than my generic brands; but they've worked until now.


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Learn to Ski or Snowboard for $25!

by Ski Utah Yeti

November 30 2009    4 Comments

What a great deal. If you're a Utah resident you can learn how to ski or snowboard at Park City Mountain Resort for only $25.

Locals Planning Rentals Ski School Tips

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