Snowkiting, a different approach to the mountains

By Snowboard Muse Jul 28, 2015
Snowkiting = endless creativity, 100+ foot airs, miles of untracked pow to yourself and some epic crashes. What isn't there to like?
Snowkiting, a different approach to the mountains

Center Fold shot I got for the Kiteboarder

It's hot out and in honor of the middle of summer heat I wanted to throw it back on this Thursday to one of my newfound winter obsessions. I learned to kiteboard about two years ago. The progression has been incrediably fast and fun. In my 1st season I was slaying pow, gaping roads, flying for minutes and landing centerfold shots in Kiteborder magazine as shown above. It's exciting to be part of a sport that has so much room for inovation and creativity. The edit below is from my 1st season as a kiter.

The edit below is from last season where I learned to fly. (It's a bit long.)

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