Why Sleeper Powder is the best kind of Powder

By Powderhound Matt Dec 23, 2013
Leading up to the Christmas holiday, conditions are great here in Utah. Don't believe me? See for yourself!
Why Sleeper Powder is the best kind of Powder

By now, most of you know I'm a psycho when it comes to snow. When it's not snowing or a forecast ends up busting, my mood is greatly compromised.  As my lovely girlfriend says, "You turn into a total Turd!"  You know what, she's 100% correct.

Meteorologists are great, heck I went to school to be one, but the truth is they don't always get it right.  They also have the tendency to get clowns like me totally fired up for snow storms that from time-to-time just don't pan out.   Herein lies why sleeper powder is the best sort of powder. 

It's been snowing in Utah for nearly a week. Thursday, we had close to a foot, but forecasters were saying the big dump would happen on Saturday. So all week I was fantasizing about just how incredibly good Saturday's skiing would be.  Well, Saturday turned out to be a total dud. We only picked up about an inch or two. Needless to say, I became a major turd! I was a monster, completely bummed out and down in the dumps. I live for these storms, and unfortunately, there was nothing in the forecast to really lift my mood. The chance of a solid dump of snow was pretty much non existent. 

Then, Sunday morning came. I woke up at 5:30 am and noticed it was actually  snowing really hard in Park City. I was flat out shocked!   My immediate reaction was to start texting the Powder Posse so they would get their butts out of bed and get ready to ski.  But, I held back and didn't start texting them until 7:15.  I mean come on, that was more than enough shut eye on a sleeper powder morning. 

To make a long story short, the crew assembled and we made our way over to the Canyons Resort.  After skiing inbounds most of the morning, we decided to head out into the backcountry.  We collected our avalanche gear, checked in with the Utah Avalanche Center app and came up with a plan.  We were going to ski super low angle powder all afternoon in very low risk areas.  Sure we had to pass up some incredible steep powder shots but what we ended up with was what I consider my best day of the season.  Incredibly deep untracked pow! Great photos, better friends and ton of laughs during our apres ski at Red Tail Grill.  

To summarize, sleeper pow is the best pow because there are no expectations, no let downs and just a lot of stoke! 

Here is some video from the last 5 days shot at the Deer Valley, Alta, Park City and Canyons.  


For all you snowboarders out there, here is a video shot by a friend in and around the Canyons Resort.