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From apartments, holiday homes, and B&Bs to 5-star luxury resorts, tree houses and even igloos, we've got every type of trip – and every type of traveler – covered.

At, we believe that life is made of experiences. Experiences we share with each other. Experiences both big and small.
But sometimes life gets in the way and stops you from getting out there in the first place. That’s why we’re on a mission: To make it easier for everyone to experience the world.

No matter who you are or where you want to go, we’ll help you make it happen.
Life’s experiences should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we offer the widest choice of accommodation, transportation and experiences, at the best value, to absolutely everybody, in the simplest and most transparent way. We’re never more than a message or phone call away, with real people ready to help.

And in order to make sure there’s a world worth experiencing for generations to come, we are leading the way to create a sustainable travel industry. Through product innovation, partner support and industry collaboration – we are making sustainable travel easier for millions of customers worldwide.

So we encourage you to go out and experience the world. Whenever, wherever, and however you want. Whether you’re venturing 1,000 miles from home, or just 10 minutes down the road. It’s all out there. It’s all waiting to be experienced. And with, you can make those experiences a reality.

The best way to describe the brand is by addressing its personality traits; each informing who is and how we can relate to our customers, partners and the world.

Open and curious
We’re always eager to learn more. As a global travel company, we deeply value diversity and inclusivity and take pride in trying to understand different nuances and cultural differences to better serve our customers.

Reliable and efficient
We work hard to earn our customers’ trust by providing them with choice, value, ease and control. As the leading digital travel platform for over 20 years, we’ve built a solid reputation as a trusted and efficient partner.

Lively and engaging
We’re a community of travelers, and are keen to share our own experiences with customers and partners around the globe. We live and breathe the energy of travel and embody the passion and inspiration it adds to our lives.

Helpful yet assertive
Every journey has its ups and downs, but we’re here to help make travel as easy as possible. We provide clear and helpful information that makes the world accessible to everyone.