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When it comes to the great and transcendent among hand-craft distilled spirits, what goes in rules what comes out. This requires the finest grain, expert growing techniques and passion.

The beauty of making alcoholic spirits is all about nature. Water, Earth and Sun all have a hand in creating the finest raw materials, which in turn produce the unique flavor profiles in our hand-crafted spirits. Dented Brick Distillery takes it one step further. We are committed to purchasing Utah grown, organic, non-GMO raw materials for our spirits. Our master distiller will be enhancing the subtleties of the minerals found in our artesian water as well as combining the essence of the raw materials creating a uniqueness all our own. From the start, we’ve been passionate about crafting absolutely original spirits. As we stood on the front porch of the old brick house, we knew we’d found the right place to build our distillery. Originally built in 1919, the home had character and a colorful history. As demolition began, we pulled the bricks from the old house down by hand and kept them all - even the dented ones. Today, they are part of the new distillery.

What’s more, the 14,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility straddles the original homesteads’ artesian well, once the prize possession of a pioneer well- driller. The exceptional circumstances of the drilled aquifer was rich enough to turn his competitors green with envy, and still produces the same quality water for our spirits. DBD blends innovative technology with time-tested principles in a historic setting. We produce spirits that start with distiller-selected fine raw materials and artesian water entirely in-house with no shortcuts. Water is one of the most important ingredients to the distillation of spirits. Weaving history and geology with the art of spirits and technology is what makes Dented Brick Distillery a new landmark in the Great Salt Lake Valley.


Antelope Island Rum was our first, and still our most popular offering. It is an original recipe white rum made from organic sugar cane and non-GMO molasses. Antelope Island is in the southern part of the Great Salt Lake. Artifacts discovered there show that the island was occupied by prehistoric people more than 6,000 years ago. Explored by Kit Carson and John C. Fremont in 1845, they named it Antelope Island after the herds of grazing pronghorn. Part of the island has since become a 28,240 acre wildlife refuge for bison, antelope and over 250 species of birds.

Roofraiser Vodka is made from Organic Utah Grown grains. A low temperature and slow fermentation brings out as much flavor and aroma as one can get with Vodka. Roofraiser reminds us of the story of the installation of the Vodka Column and the comedy of errors surrounding the raising of the roof needed to install the stills.

Carl Ethan Akeley Gin is distilled gin infused with botanical oils extracted by our still's gin arm. The oils come from hand selected botanical herbs and juniper berries and are introduced into the alcohol vapor during distillation. Akeley Gin is named for our distillers distant cousin, who was a taxidermist, sculptor, biologist, conservationist, inventor, and nature photographer noted for his contributions to American museums, most notably to the Field Museum of Natural History and the American Museum of Natural History. In 1909 Akeley accompanied Theodore Roosevelt on a year-long expedition in Africa and his efforts from this expedition can still be seen in the Akeley Hall of African Mammals. In 1921, eager to learn about gorillas to determine if killing them for museum dioramas was justified, Akeley led an expedition to the then Belgian Congo. In the process of “collecting” several mountain gorillas, Akeley’s attitude was fundamentally changed and for the remainder of his life he worked for the establishment of a gorilla preserve in the Virungas. In 1925, greatly influenced by Akeley, King Albert I of Belgium established the Albert National Park, (since renamed Virunga National Park). It was Africa's first national park. Opposed to hunting them for sport or trophies, he remained an advocate of collection for scientific and educational purposes. We thought he needed a Gin named after him.

Dented Brick Distillery

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