Escapod Trailers, Llc.

 Escapod Trailers, Llc.


Phone Number (435) 625-0586
Escapod Trailers makes off-road teardrop trailers for lovers of the outdoors. We service customers who want to own a teardrop and those who are looking to rent!

Escapod was born out of necessity. A need to escape the daily grind at a moment’s notice, to be unbounded by terrain and free to roam.

We believe that time is too precious to spend it tracking down and packing up camping gear. We wanted a tent on wheels, always ready for our next adventure. The teardrop trailer seemed like the right solution, but nothing on the market checked all our boxes.

So, we designed and built our own.

Our mission was simple: build the best damn camper known to man - a teardrop trailer that’s gentle on the eyes, rugged enough for the craziest adventures, and suitable for year-round fun.

Blending the concept of a sleeping pod with the thrill of an escapade, the Escapod name was formed. And after fumbling our way through some napkin doodles, we refined & digitized the now-iconic “e” logo. In June 2016, Escapod was officially born when the first pods were built in our mom’s garage.

Today, Escapod has grown into one of the most revered producers of teardrop trailers in the US. We are proud to say that, throughout our tremendous growth, we are still a privately owned business.

Our goal is simply to maximize our customer’s connection with the great outdoors by providing dependable, hand-built teardrop trailers. Life’s demands may require you to change, but your adventure doesn’t have to. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a full-time vagabond, there is an Escapod for you.

627 S. Main St.
Coalville, UT 84017

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