Canyon Recreation

Canyon Recreation


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Park City 4x4 offers mountain-ready Jeep Wranglers that are fully loaded with all the amenities you need to make your vacation easier.


As Park City’s first adventure car rental service, PCFWD is your vehicle to the great outdoors. We provide tourists and visitors with 4-wheel drive SUV rentals (2016 Jeep Wrangler Sahara, to be exact) that are customized for the demands of mountain recreation.

Rent a vehicle with us, and you’ll have access to all of Utah’s legendary skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking and hiking hot spots on your own agenda. Which means more time doing the things you love.

From driveway to byway, we believe that you should have full control over where — and when — you want to go. That’s why we’ll deliver your rental car straight to your lodging, hand off the keys and help you steer your vacation in the right direction the moment you arrive. Every vehicle is equipped with gear racks and cargo boxes to compliment your summer or winter adventure.


PCFWD was founded by travelers, who arrived to Park City after years of leading expeditions to some of the most remote areas on the globe. Working as an adventure travel guides, we discovered the best way to explore the curiosities of a new place was to hop aboard a mode of transportation — whether it be a bus, car, tuk tuk or river barge — and just go. Usually it was the advice of the locals that led him to the best way of travel in each region. He brought this simple idea back to Utah, launching PCFWD as a way for visitors to experience new adventures without the constraints of crowded buses, expensive shuttles or unequipped rental cars.