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The Future of SnowSports Performance Development. Powering ski schools and ski racing programs with the most innovative technology on the market.

Take your students and athletes to the next level with SnoFolio SnowSports performance technology. With SnoFolio's intuitive technology, it has never been easier to implement new practices. Once you've added your coaches, athletes, and training plans, you're ready to take SnoFolio out on the hill with you.

What it is:

We've developed two different products to cater toward every type of skier. Whether it's a ski school trying to increase retention or a World Cup team looking for a unique advantage, SnoFolio is the solution. SnoCap, "the ski lesson that lasts a lifetime," is engineered to focus on the needs of ski resorts and ski school programs. SnoCap provides a new way to collect student performance while delivering an enhanced lesson experience.

SnoPeak is built for competitive racers, performance camps, specialty programs, and more. SnoPeak is the most in-depth performance development platform for competitive programs, coaches, and athletes. How it Works: SnoFolio can be added to a ski school lesson right at the window. Racing programs and athletes simply sign up and share access online. Instructors and coaches use their SnoPad technology to film performance using technique evaluations, video analysis, and feedback mode. At the end of the lesson, the lesson summary is sent to the student's portfolio. After the lesson, students and parents can relive their experience by logging in to their SnoFolio account to view their lesson summary.

Get started today:

Interested in implementing SnoFolio products into your ski school or ski racing program? Visit our website or contact us today to learn more! About SnoFolio SnoFolio Corp is a SnowSports Technology company founded in 2015, and located in Salt Lake City, UT, and Vancouver B.C. We are powered by a passionate and dedicated team of skiers, instructors, racing veterans, coaches, educators, and technologists. Our mission is to provide the most innovative and engaging athlete performance development solutions to the SnowSports community.