A Widespread Epidemic has Infected Utah - The Powder Flu is Spreading Fast Among Powderhounds - December 20, 2013

December 20 2013

A Widespread Epidemic has Infected Utah

The Powder Flu is Spreading Fast Among Powderhounds

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – The recent snowfall in Utah has caused a widespread epidemic and will continue to spread quickly. Numerous powder lovers are reporting serious cases of the Powder Flu, with the only known remedy to get out and enjoy the new snow.

Dr. Ski Utah Yeti has been aware of this condition for years, but with the Powder Flu spreading faster than ever the Doctor is available to write prescriptions and sick notes on Ski Utah’s Facebook page.

Ski Utah’s new Powder Flu prescription gives the powder sick an option to address the note to their Boss, Wife, Husband, Professor, Mom/Dad, Girlfriend or Boyfriend. The patient can then select the remedy for their condition including skiing ridiculously deep powder, apply four face shots before lunch, or ski with a snorkel. The patient then selects the excuse from a list that includes: not attending class, not attending work, not picking up the kids from school and not having dinner on the table among others.

With over 500 inches of average annual snowfall in Utah, this is the height of the Powder Flu season and must be taken seriously. This condition could persist for a few days and may reoccur throughout the winter.

To generate your own Powder Flu note go to http://budurl.com/PowderFlu. The Powder Flu note can either be shared via social networks or printed.

For media information, contact Ski Utah Director of Communications Susie English at 801.433.2016 or by email at susie@skiutah.com.


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