Alta Ski Area Highlights Sustainability 2016-2017

November 21 2016

Alta, Utah – November 2016: Another ski season marks another year of sustainability progress for Alta Ski Area. The 2016 Sustainability Report Update takes tally of energy savings and carbon reduction efforts in support of the ski area’s 20% greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goal with the National Ski Areas Association Climate Challenge program. This report marks one year for the ski area’s ‘green machine’ otherwise known as the PistenBully 600E+ diesel-electric groomer and 24kW solar photovoltaic installation. Additionally, updated goals for the upcoming season demonstrate the company’s maturity in sustainability noting not only energy efficiency projects, but integration of sustainability planning. To top this update, the report highlights stewardship and education efforts with the Alta Environmental Center (AEC) and partners and conservation progress for the ski area.


“We are maturing as we enter the 9th year with AEC, having cycled through most of the low hanging fruit energy efficiency opportunities, we started generating some of our own energy and work to promote sustainability within the rest of our industry while working on the next generation of sustainability projects,” reflects Onno Wieringa, general manager and sustainability director of Alta Ski Area. Wieringa’s remarks elude to the wisdom that sustainability is a difficult yet worthy task for the ski area and the greater outdoor industry. The 2016 report shows that sustainability is more than protecting and improving Alta’s natural environment, it is contributing to economic stability and skier wellness. 


The ski area plans to release an annual update through 2020, when they will revisit their 20% reduction goal and put together a comprehensive report. Until then skiers, industry partners, and Alta patrons are welcome to follow the ski area’s progress via their social media platforms and monthly newsletters. To learn more about Alta Ski Area’s sustainability efforts or to subscribe, visit


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