Dr. Alvin F. Cobabe passed away; The father and visionary of Powder Mountain

September 14 2017

The father and visionary of Powder Mountain, Dr. Alvin F. Cobabe passed away peacefully yesterday morning, September 13th, 2017 at the age of 99 in his home in Eden, Utah. 

Dr. Cobabe, recognized as a renaissance man, was the oldest graduate from the University of Utah School of Medicine ever before 1959. He was also known locally as rancher, family doctor and radio technician, but most notably known for building a powder paradise for skiing aficionados. 

After selling the family ranching business in 1952, Dr. Cobabe still owned thousands of acres of mountainous terrain that family and friends enjoyed. While horseback riding with friends along the famed Lightning Ridge in the late 1950’s, someone casually mentioned that the terrain would make a great ski resort. The idea rang true with Dr. Cobabe and he began to amass adjacent property adding to the thousands acquired from his father. After a decade of hard work, Powder Mountain Resort opened on February 19, 1972. 

Dr. Cobabe’s vision was a place for families and friends to enjoy the best skiing on earth, while keeping the sport accessible for all. He was also forward thinking, by running shuttles and Snowcats for skiers and the first resort in Utah to allow snowboarding. Dr. Cobabe, to this day, still inspires Powder Mountain with his vision and forward thinking. 

“This is Powder Mountain. Once you have tasted of its magic you will want to return again and again and become part it.” Alvin F. Cobabe M.D. 

Dr. Cobabe will be greatly missed by his Powder Mountain family and we will all be thinking of him when we ski, ride, bike or hike Cobabe Canyon, Dr. C. and all the other terrain he knew sports enthusiasts of all types would enjoy.


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