Mine Shaft Brewing, Park City Craft Beer & Cider Start-Up, One Step Closer to Launch

March 17 2015

PARK CITY, Utah (March 16, 2015) — Tech start-ups? Step aside for this new huge craft beer & hard cider start-up.

Mine Shaft Brewing, LLC, Park City’s start-up craft beer & hard cider company, took one step closer to opening one of the largest craft beer starts up ever.  Its expert team of seasoned beer industry men & women brought in more that $650,000 in seed funding in an EquityNet, Crowdfunder crowdfunding campaign, and they’re off to a great start with there general solicitation Series A financing of $9.4 million from investors.   In fact, so good that Mine Shaft Brewing is in the top ten of CNBC’s Crowdfinance Vice Index and in the Top 50 on CNBC’s Crowdfinance 50 Index.

Most campaigns on Kickstarter, by comparison, earn less than $10,000.

“We were overwhelmed by the help and support we received from other crowdfunders and from EquityNet itself, In part this is the result of having an outstanding business plan, team and understanding of the space we are in along with quality investors who look and see the investment opportunity in MSB.  It does help being located in Park City, a place that millions clearly love; that’s resonated with a lot of people.” said founder Tim Nemeckay.   

Mine Shaft Brewing is not your ordinary Craft Beer & Hard Cider Start Up, they will open with a 60K BBL Capacity Day One with distributors already wanting most, if not all, initial capacity.

The Mine Shaft team has worked in the beer category, and specifically the craft space since the late 80's. Leveraging their experience in the super premium, premium, premium light, sub-premium, malt liquor, and flavored malt beverage and soda categories, the team has been involved in the development and introduction of specialty and seasonal brews, including brewing, packaging, marketing and sales.  In addition the Mine Shaft Team has been involved at different levels with some of the biggest brands in craft; Sam Adams, Henry Weinhard, Sleeman’s, Primo along with others.

 For more information, visit www.mineshaftbrewingpc.com, visit its Facebook page, www.facebook.com/mineshaftbrewing. Members of the media, contact Christa Graff, of Graff Public Relations, at christa@graffpr.com or 435-640-7921.

About Mine Shaft Brewing

Mine Shaft Brewing is a team of pioneers and master brewers who helped forge the art of craft beer in America by producing beloved brews of award-winning quality that have stood the test of time and become part of the landscape. Its passion is turning simple, pure ingredients into traditional beer styles from around the world with a creative twist, and creating crisp, sophisticated ciders crafted from the heart-cracking awesomeness of the land we call our home, Utah. Like Park City itself, Mine Shaft’s brews are rich in history, yet full of surprises: Gorgeous with a touch of grit; welcoming, yet far above ordinary life. Inspired by the beauty of the place that is the source of joy for so many people, Mine Shaft creates beverages that set the imagination free – purely crafted in Park City.

The brewery, to be located alongside a restaurant in Kimball Junction, just completed a crowdfunding campaign and is now raising Series A financing. For more information, visit www.mineshaftbrewingpc.com, visit its Facebook page, www.facebook.com/mineshaftbrewing.


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