Sundance Resort Resumes Limited Operations May 15

May 14 2020

Sundance, UT (May 14, 2020) — Beginning Friday, May 15, Sundance Mountain Resort will be welcoming guests, by reservation only, for lodging, dining, spa, Art Studio and mountain activities with social distancing restrictions in place to provide activities to the local community and to those looking to get outdoors.

The resort's priority is to follow State of Utah COVID-19 guidelines regarding proper social distancing and sanitation to ensure guests have plenty of space to enjoy time with their families. Space for activities like mountain biking, scenic lift rides, ZipTours, and Art Studio classes is limited daily to ensure each guests can maintain proper social distance. Lodging availability is also limited as extensive cleaning measures and a 48 hour wait period is required between the occupancy of each room.

Reservations for dining or activities are required to enter the resort, with the exception of season pass holders who are not required to have a reservation until resort capacity limits have been reached, at which time they will also be asked to return. For this reason, season pass holders are highly encouraged to still make a reservation for dining and any activities (besides scenic lift rides and mountain biking) when they plan to visit the resort.

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