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Great Day At Sundance

by Utah Author December 21 2007 0 Comments


Sundance, one of my personal favorites was... beautiful as always. There is something about Sundance that is so calming and peaceful. Maybe it's the whispering electric lifts, or maybe the wide open runs. At Sundance you can really get away from the busy life, and relax enjoying some quiet time on the mountain. The weekdays are really calm here. You can seemingly enjoy the entire mountain to yourself. It is a great place to take the young kids out on the big mountain. Sundance is a great resort for the whole family.

We had a great time Thursday with 4 inches of powder laying over the main runs and up to 12 inches on the paths less traveled. It was cloudy, menacing a little at first, but it made for a great day. I have been skiing the last few times so I decided to break out my board and I was back on familiar ground. We took a few runs on the front mountain to warm up then it was deep snow on Back Mountain all day. Sailing through the snow felt so good. I had some tumbles, even managed to get stuck in the deep powder a few times and had to dig out, but that’s the point RIGHT! Take a day to come and ride with me at Sundance over the holidays.


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