Ski Utah Yeti Pass

One Ticket To Each of Utah's 15 Resorts
2024-25 Price $799
Limited Quantities
Be Notified When On Sale

The Ski Utah Yeti Pass let's you explore Utah's 15 ski resorts for around $50 a day!

Much of what makes Utah's skiing so fantastic is the close proximity of its resorts and the unique qualities that can be experienced at each. If you are interested in skiing them all, or if you have a 4th, 5th or 6th grader with the Student Passport, this is the perfect companion pass.

An All-Access Pass

  • Valid at each of Utah's 15 Resorts
  • No Blackout Dates
  • Perfect Companion Pass for the Student Passport
Please Notify Me $799

Usage and FAQs

The Ski Utah Yeti Pass provides one lift ticket to each of Utah's 15 participating resorts. There are no age restrictions, anybody can purhcase a Yeti Pass.

The Yeti Pass has a limited quanity and sells out seasonally.

Do You Have A 4th, 5th or 6th Grader?

Than we have a pass for you! The Ski Utah Student Passport offers ANY 4th, 5th or 6th grader the opportunity to ski each of Utah's 15 resorts, 3 times! Yes, that's 3 days at each of Utah's 15 resorts, for a total 45 days of skiing!

At only $69 (prices increase on December 1, 2024). Redmeption is easily done at the resort ticket windows. And just like the Yeti Pass, the Pass Portal helps you keep track of days used and days still available.

Kid Dropping - Passport Promo

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