Powder Counter


Keeping track of how much fresh snow you've skied. . . 
Details on how you can track below


Ever wondered how much fresh snow you skied in a season? So did the folks over at Ski Utah and SNOCRU. These two organizations recently teamed up to provide a solution, and guess what? No more seasonal spreadsheet!

  1. Download the SNOCRU app and create a login
  2. Download the Ski Utah app then use your SNOCRU login to link the 2 apps
  3. Check-in at resorts with SNOCRU
  4. View your stats on your Ski Utah app or on this leaderboard page

What is considered "Fresh Snow"? The 24hr snowfall for that day, for the resort(s) you have checked-in at using SnoCru

*You do not have to track with SnoCru, just check-in, for the Personal Powder Counter to work


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