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Grandpa Shreds the Gnar

There is no age limit to learn or return to skiing, and more people over the age of 50 are doing so at Utah ski resorts. Find out why and how.

Six Reasons to Take Your Grandkids to the Slopes

Studies show that of kids who ski with a grandparent, nearly 95% continue the sport when they grow up. Here are 6 reasons to take to the slopes with kids.

From WWII to The Mountains of Utah

Four Utah residents and their different connections from WWII to the slopes of the Wasatch Mountains.

Hot 2018-19 Senior Season Pass Deals End in April

You snooze, you lose. This year, some of the best discounts end before summer starts. And that includes students, adults, firefighters, seniors and all the other categories.

Alf Engen, Wheaties and the 1936 Winter Olympics

How Wheaties, the Breakfast of Champions, kept champion ski jumper Alf Engen from competing.

3 Great Gifts for Your Parents

Skip the fruitcake. Go for one of these gifts. They’ll make the holiday easy for you and sweet for your parents.

Sneaky Tips To Cheat The Cold

Squeak more time out of your hand warmers and have fun keeping your noodle warm.

The Blind Miner of Big Cottonwood Canyon

If you like to do extreme things, try digging a silver mine tunnel with your eyes shut. That's what the Blind Miner did and he wasn't complaining.

Resorts Tweak Seniors' Season Passes

Enjoy reciprocal deals, discounts, perks and the UTA ski bus.

Escape to Beaver Mountain this Summer

Enjoy summer at Beaver Mountain. There are endless outdoor activities from biking, to fishing, to ATV off-roading.

Alan Schoenberger: The most important ski person you might not know

Alan is a flash point of creativity and skill. So why don't you know of him? His low key profile surges to effervescence when he performs in mime white face or coaches up-coming athletes on his 2 ton ski simulator.

Snowbird trail names: Funky, historic, intimate

It was a massive project to name all of Snowbird's trails before the resort opened in 1971. To get ideas, resort owner Dick Bass hosted a Naming Party, a social event where guests brainstormed for trail names. Bananas, Tiger Tale, and Harper’s Ferry came from the Naming Party according to Dusty Sackett, a local historian and former Snowbird mountain patroller who explained how many names came about.

How to Eat Like an Olympian

Eating right is like building a campfire, says Allen Tran, the High Performance Chef and Dietician for the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association. Athletes need kindling to fire up their bodies and then big logs to keep the fire going. He coaches the world-class athletes how to eat for performance and he keeps it simple so they can make nutritious meals while they're on the road.

Alta's Lifts: Wobbly Contraptions to High Speed Quads

It was the 1930s and the country was mired in the Great Depression. Alta was a wasteland at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon, and it was often slammed by avalanches and mudslides. Alf Engen looked down from Catherine Pass into Alta and said: "Ya, I think Alta would be good for skiing." He added that the first tasks would be to chase the sheep back to Heber and close hundreds of open mine shafts that riddled Alta.

Snowbasin: From water fights to world class resort

Snowbasin was founded from a desperate need for clean water. And iconic skier Alf Engen and a German beer brewmaster had a hand in its creation. Clean water, great runs and good beer is still the classic mix for resorts. This year Snowbasin celebrates its 75th anniversary.

Ski Utah Earns Top Award

After 40 years of promoting The Greatest Snow on Earth, Ski Utah earns the top award at the Ski Archives gala.

The Flying Aces' fabulous show

Sometimes floating as high as 70 feet in the air, above the water, the Flying Aces are legit and shouldn't be missed.

Cherry Peak: Sweet Name For A Serious Mountain

Cherry Peak Resort plans to open this winter for its inaugural season. Here's a sneak peek on all the happenings taking place.

Five must-have gadgets

Gizmos for the slopes.

Eagle Point: Kids 17 and under ski free

It's a family magnet

True Tales of Brighton's Early Lifts

Skiing with an extension ladder is a bad idea. How the times have changed.

Alan K. Engen: From Protégé to Visionary

We caught up with Alan Engen, a legend, born into Utah's first skiing family.

Last minute cheap gift

Low temperature fluid is good for canyon driving.

For Grandparents: Five tips to teach your grandkids to ski

The Truth about Hand Warmers

Do you have expired hand warmers? If so, throw them out!

Should I Take an Early Season Lesson?

Don't wait, sign up for a ski lesson now.

Are you old enough for a Senior season pass?

Great rates but goofy deadlines.

My kid made me do it

When it's adults vs. kids, kids always win.

Yaps, apps and maps!

Seniors with cell phones rock

Meet the legend: Junior Bounous

Junior's advice for seniors: "Keep moving."

Seniors top tips for staying warm

Some tips to stay warm that I bet you never thought of.

Brighton's Senior Workshop for the 50+ crowd

Baby boomers take to the downhill

Alta's Wild Old Bunch

The Wasatch Front's original senior ski group.

Great pricing for seniors

Everybody loves hot deals. Are you old enough to get senior prices?

He's 95 and skiing!

Deep powder, a daily workout and the love of skiing. Let’s grow up like him.

How do seniors kick up their heels during Spring Break?

You’d be surprised. Some kick them up. Some dig them in.

Smile! You have elk breath

Enjoy trailside art at Deer Valley.

Seniors rule with Brighton's Senior Workshop

The only catch: You must be 50 years or older

Boomers and groomers

Do you hear that rumble? It’s Baby Boomer seniors hitting the slopes.


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