Powderhorn Lift Open at Solitude

Happy Painter

By Happy Painter \ December 15 2008 \ 0 Comments

The storm that hit on Friday and Saturday dumped over 10 inches of fresh powder on the Wasatch Front.  Anticipating a great day of skiing, my buddy and I grabbed our gear, packed the car, and headed up to Solitude Mountain Resort.

We got word that the Powderhorn lift had opened for the first time this season.  Strapping on our skis, we headed up the lift and found exactly what we were looking for.  No lines and lots of powder.  The next few hours were spent blissfully frolicking in the deep mellow powder of Rhapsody, Paradise, and Diamond Lane.

After a solid day of skiing, we headed into the Argenta Pub at the Moonbeam Lodge.  The argenta pub is a cozy little place to enjoying some local beers and catch up on NFL Football while you wait for those toes to warm up.

While there may be lots of fresh snow the next time you head up Big Cottomwood Canyons, keep in mind that early season conditions do exist.  So, take it slow and enjoy the ride.  It just might save you a few trips to the ski shop.

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