Tri-Sport Day: Ski, Golf and Bike in One Day in Utah

By Jessica Chindgren Apr 3, 2024
Want to ski, bike and golf all in one day? You've come to the right article. Here is a sample itinerary to do just that in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Tri-Sport Day: Ski, Golf and Bike in One Day in Utah

You likely know that Utah has The Greatest Snow on Earth®, but did you know that the outdoor recreation doesn’t end there? Aside from the outstanding snow, one of the greatest aspects of Utah is the accessibility to the ski resorts. They are so close to cities and towns that many choose to ski in the morning and golf or bike in the afternoon during the spring months. Some adventurous folks even do all three in one day—ski, bike and golf.

Picture this: Feel the cool breeze as you whip down an adrenaline-pumping bike trail. Next, imagine a perfect spring day carving down soft corn runs; then, end the day with a 9-hole round of golf. Pretty incredible right? Name another US destination where you can do that all in one day– we dare you! It is something that makes spring skiing in Utah that much more unique. The Greatest Snow on Earth® is a stand-out factor, but our accessibility to the ski resorts is a close second.

Have you been convinced to do a tri-sport day? Here is a sample itinerary to make this happen for your next spring vacation to Utah.  

Sample Tri-Sport Itinerary for the Salt Lake Traveler

Morning: Bike 

-Road biker: City Creek Road

-Mountain biker: Bobsled Trail

Midday: Ski or Snowboard—Alta, Brighton, Snowbird or Solitude.

Afternoon/Evening: Golf—Old Mill Golf Course

Although we always love to start the day with our favorite sport: skiing, most know that the best spring skiing is typically midday when you can get that perfect corn snow. So, for this itinerary, we start with biking. We’ve given two options for both the road biker and the mountain biker. For the road biker, City Creek Canyon is a beautiful, paved multi-use road that goes for six miles. It is considered a green paved road with a mellow and steady 1,385 ft climb. Please note: bicyclists are only allowed on odd days.

For the mountain biker, we suggest the fun, adrenaline-pumping Bobsled Trail. Please be aware, however, that this is a black diamond, advanced trail. If you’re looking for something more mellow, Bonneville Shoreline (the trail you take to get to Bobsled) has lots of other loops and trail options for all levels of riders.

Both rides, either road or mountain, are short and can be completed within an hour or two depending on your speed. We recommend waking up early to get your ride in so you have more time for skiing later in the day.


Next up, our favorite, skiing or snowboarding. Salt Lake has four incredible ski resort options at an arm's reach that stay open well into April and May — Alta Ski Area (skier only), Brighton, Snowbird, and Solitude Mountain Resort. Choose whichever resort you fancy, and enjoy the ultimate spring skiing full of sunshine and party shirts. We’d also recommend getting lunch while you’re at the resort to relax and refuel after your adventure-filled morning. Check out closing dates here. 


Last, but certainly not least, golfing. We recommend Old Mill Golf Course, as it is conveniently located near the base of both Little & Big Cottonwood Canyon (where all four Salt Lake City resorts reside). Not only is this course conveniently located, but it also is one of the newer courses in the area with beautiful views of Salt Lake and the Wasatch Mountains. The course stays open until 7 p.m., and you’ll need to book a tee time. Swing some clubs, grab yourself a drink and enjoy the sunset while thinking of the insanely fun day you just had!


It’s as simple as one, two, three. Literally, bike, ski, golf, all in one adventure-packed day. We told you, incredible! Not to mention, this is just one region in Utah. There are tons of other great options and combinations for doing a tri-sport day. If you’re heading down south to Brian Head, the options are endless. Full of iconic red rock mountain bike trails, juniper tree-filled golf courses, and, of course, skiing. Or fancy somewhere like Park City? Yeah, you can tri-sport there too. No matter where your trip takes you, we hope this itinerary has inspired you to get active and have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Tell us your favorite Utah tri-sport combos below in the comments!