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Hey Europe (and maybe Japan), come ski with us in Utah!

by Happy Painter October 23 2008 0 Comments

I came across this article in the Salt Lake Tribune the other day talking about how Delta may be adding some more international nonstop flights out of the Salt Lake Internation Airport soon.

eiffel_tower_20051010-300x225 (eiffel_tower_20051010-300x225)

Apparently the nonstop flight between Salt Lake City and Paris has been performing so well that Delta is looking at adding another international destination out of Salt Lake City.  Locations thrown out as possibilities have been Tokyo, London, or Amsterdam.  I'm pretty sure any of the residents of those cities would appreciate the opportunity to come ski or snowboard in Utah via a nonstop flight.

Has anyone reading this blog take advantage of the SLC-CDG flight last season to come and visit some of Utah's resorts during the winter?  How was your experience?  Let us know in the comments if so!  If not, come on over to this side of the pond in the next few months for a visit.  You won't regret it.  I promise.

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