Ready for that new ski pad in Deer Valley?

By Bob Winter Aug 11, 2009
Ready for that new ski pad in Deer Valley?

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Start saving those pennies folks; a new house is on the market and it's screaming to be purchased.  I personally think this is better than the Donald's property which sold awhile back.  Maybe I'm biased a little, but not too much.

How about 20k sq ft on 64 acres? Yes, please.  If you did answer yes, Jon Huntsman's crown jewel is up on the market.  Recession what?!?

I can't for the life of me get the video on ABC 4's website to post, so check it out over there.  Maybe some day they will make it easy or I'll get a clue.  Feel free to leave a comment explaining how I can get that video on this post; I'll appreciate the guidance.

By the way, Dallas cops stink.  I got a ticket last night and I'm still not happy about it.  I DID NOT see the "no right turn on red" sign.  How many ways can I say that so you'll understand?  Whatever.  The Huntsman House is now out of my price range - I've got to pay for my ticket.