Lamborghini drivers to help underprivileged Utah children at Park City event

By Bob Winter Aug 7, 2009

Ready for a little excess?  And by a little I mean A LOT.  Look no further than Park City today and tomorrow - 2009 Giro Lamborghini.  I'm not going to lie- I would love to drive one of these machines.  Today is the arrival of around 35 Lambos in Park City.

August 8th the Lamborghini's and their owners will follow police agents escorting less fortunate kids in police cars to the Utah Olympic Sports Park.  The kids will take turns riding in the sports cars on fun local roads.  And after the ride, they will get to watch the U.S. Aerial Olympic Ski Team's practice at a special viewing.

Event attendees will gather at Stein Eriksen Lodge in Park City at 8:30 in the morning before going to the Olympic Sports Park.

"Shop with a Cop" is a non-profit organization made possible by several local law enforcement agencies in Utah to grant the wishes of less fortunate children.

Highlights from last year's event (warning- watch this only if you have a high tolerance for really annoying music):