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Salt Lake's Top Hiking Trails

Salt Lake City’s Cottonwood Canyons deliver the goods all winter and summer too. As the mountain snow melts, locals lace up their trail running shoes and hiking boots. If you plan a visit to this section of Utah during the summer, there are a few trails you shouldn’t miss.

Ski Utah Yeti

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#TinyHomeAdventure Episode 8

by Snowboard Muse

September 1 2015    0 Comments

Mountain biking, 350' Hammock and 85' cliff jump in Washington and Oregon.

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Ride "The Wave" at Deer Valley

by Powderhound Matt

August 29 2015    0 Comments

Deer Valley has invested big money into the overall mountain biking experience. See for yourselves where all this big money has been spent.

Videos mountain biking

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Do you qualify for a Senior season pass?

by Ski Utah Yeti

August 26 2015    5 Comments

Enjoy reciprocal deals, discounts, perks and the UTA ski bus.

Planning Tickets

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#TinyHomeAdventure Episode 7

by Snowboard Muse

August 16 2015    0 Comments

White Water Stand-up paddle boarding, 1926 Model T, Kiteboarding, and dropping a waterfall on an air mattress. What more can you ask for?

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The Flying Aces' fabulous show

by Ski Utah Yeti

August 11 2015    1 Comment

Sometimes floating as high as 70 feet in the air, above the water, the Flying Aces are legit and shouldn't be missed.

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