Fixed Grip Chronicles | Cherry Peak Resort

By Local Lexi Jan 16, 2024
Cherry Peak ski resort in Cache Valley, Utah is the state's newest ski resort. What does it take to etch a new ski resort out of rugged mountain terrain?
Fixed Grip Chronicles | Cherry Peak Resort

 A series in which we explore Utah's lesser-known ski areas to discover their lure, lore and legends...

In Utah's far north lies the Bear River Mountain Range and a newcomer to Utah's portfolio of storied ski areas: Cherry Peak. Since 2015 Cherry Peak has been spinning lifts to the delight of locals in the Cache Valley and the neighboring towns of Logan and Richmond. Tucked between the narrow confines of Cherry Canyon and beneath Cherry Peak itself, this humble resort is only just getting started...

Unlike many of the other ski mountains across the state of Utah, Cherry Peak occupies a quiet corner of pastoral paradise, far from the beaten track. No traffic jams, no daunting mountain passes, it's just a scenic drive through farm country and on up a quiet lane to the base area of this unique property. Since 2015 Cherry Peak Resort has been spinning lifts and providing joy and community to the towns of Northern Utah. This family-owned and operated resort cultivates a neighborly feel and the vibe is what you'd expect to find at a ski area 30 years ago.



It's a friendly place run by a handful of dedicated people that strive to make Cherry Peak a cornerstone of the community's winter traditions. The resort runs all its chairlifts for night skiing and the unique "Freshies at 5" program involves busting out a few laps on the snowcat to provide the night skiers with sparkling, fresh rows of groomed snow. The guests are the focus at Cherry Peak and providing the best experience possible is the mountain's mission. 

In this episode of the Fixed Grip Chronicles, we meet Dustin Hansen, the tireless Operations Director for Cherry Peak. It takes a lot to run a ski area and the task is seemingly insurmountable without a fleet of dedicated staff members. Dustin relies on just a handful of trusty employees to keep Cherry Peak humming day and night. He doesn't sleep much in the winter and in fact, he's been known to crash out on the hospital beds that serve as the area's emergency medical clinic. He's back up hours before dawn, submitting the daily weather report and driving the ski resort's cat through the dark to craft perfect corduroy for the guests he knows are relying on him. 


The story of Cherry Peak is about the dedication and unnoticed effort that goes into keeping a ski area turning. So much of what resort employees do happens behind closed doors, up on the hill, or in the darkest hours of night. Much sleep is lost as Dustin and his band of loyal employees work throughout the winter to fuel their local community's desire for good times, fresh turns, and mountain fun. The uncrowded slopes, the friendly atmosphere, and the freshly groomed slopes are all the cherry on top of this small but mighty ski area. 


  • Cherry Peak is one of the few places to enjoy night skiing in Utah. Check the schedule ahead of time for hours of operation. Snow tubing is also available and it's a great activity for families or big groups. 

  • Cherry Peak runs the unique "Freshies at 5" program. When skiing for the day winds down, the snowcats come out and groom the main lanes for perfectly fresh corduroy to greet night skiing fans right at 5PM. Save your spot in the Gateway lift line! 

  • When compared to all 15 ski resorts within the state of Utah, Cherry Peak offers the most inexpensive ski and snowboarding lessons! Cherry Peak is a fantastic place to hone your skills. The wide beginner hill called Basecamp is the perfect pitch for first-timers. Once you're confident with stopping and making turns, you can head on up to the Vista Lift for more green and blue fun. 

  • Cherry Peak is ideal for children and families looking to learn or spend quality time together. Be sure not to miss our Family Ski Resort Guide.
  • The north-facing bowls of Cherry Peak are an undiscovered powder hound's paradise. Because the resort is only open for night skiing Mon-Wed (excluding holidays) a storm early in the week means amazing midweek powder skiing! Keep an eye on the forecast and head straight for Cherry on Thursday morning for some of the best turns of your life! The terrain is steep, varied, fun and playful.