Fixed Grip Chronicles | Eagle Point Resort

By Local Lexi Feb 7, 2023
Eagle Point is a singular ski area located off the beaten track in Central Utah. There’re many reasons to take flight at Eagle Point…
Fixed Grip Chronicles | Eagle Point Resort

A series in which we explore Utah's lesser-known ski areas to discover their lure, lore and legends...

High atop the aerie of the Tushar Mountain Range lies a ski resort tucked below the flanks of Mount Holly’s imposing summit. Perched in Utah’s third-highest mountain range, Eagle Point is where you’ll find a handful of dedicated skiers and snowboarders carving out their days and reveling in the special atmosphere of this unique resort. 

Life transpires a little more slowly from Eagle Point's lofty heights. The sky stretches above the white-capped peaks with a more intense cerulean hue than elsewhere in Utah. If you’re lucky, you may even spy an eagle soaring above the resort, which is how the ski area’s owner, Shane Gadbaw, found inspiration for the ski resort’s name.

When compared to other sprawling mountain ranges in Utah, the more compact footprint of the Tushar Range creates a sense of intimacy at Eagle Point. Guests feel embraced by the mountains, far above their worries and responsibilities. The drive itself up the Beaver Canyon Scenic Byway—Highway 153—slowly winds up Beaver Canyon and the Fishlake National Forest, rising 4,000 feet between groves of mountain mahogany, aspen and ponderosa pine. Each loop, curve and switchback brings you closer to ancient 12,000-foot stratovolcanoes and further from civilization. With one of the least busy mountain ranges in Utah, Eagle Point is all about creating a natural escape for guests and locals alike.

Eagle Point is the cornerstone around which many loyal locals construct their lives. Colorful characters, die-hard shredders, snowmobilers, hunters and campers all call this place home. The Ski Utah crew was keen to learn what it is that defines Eagle Point and why some lucky folks settle in, grow roots and call this place home.

In speaking with a handful of Eagle Point locals, they all shared one thing in common and that is a profound appreciation for the beauty and richness of the natural resources and the recreation opportunities available in the Tushar Mountains. Everyone we interviewed waxed nostalgic about how great the hiking, backpacking, fishing, snowmobiling, off-roading, hunting or exploring can be. It’s the fresh air, the lack of crowds and the friendly community that set Eagle Point apart. By the time we wrapped up our weekend, we encountered warm smiles everywhere. After just three days at Eagle Point, it felt as though we were already part of something special.

Happy-go-lucky local, Lance, summed it up nicely, “The best ski run is the one you’re on!” Eagle Point is an uncrowded haven of profound natural beauty. We hope you visit soon! 



  • Excluding holidays, Eagle Point is only open Friday through Monday until February and then Friday-Sunday in March and April. 
  • Experience the best that Eagle Point has to offer by planning a trip during an active pattern of “southerly flow.” That’s meteorologist speak for storms pounding Utah’s south-central resorts, Eagle Point and Brian Head.
  • Know that you can experience Eagle Point in true solitude by activating their ‘AS YOU WISH’ program to rent out the entire resort on a weekday for an unmatched private ski resort experience for your family and friends. Learn more here

  • Eagle Point is wonderful for children and families looking to reconnect in nature. Don't miss our Family Guide for helpful tips and useful info.
  • Though Eagle Point's lift tickets are startlingly inexpensive when compared to other ski areas, you can save even more money by purchasing tickets online well in advance. 
  • The best way to do Eagle Point is to rent a place right at the resort. Lodging often sells out quickly so it’s wise to reserve in advance. We love staying at the new and swanky Canyonside Collection, appointed private lodging in a mountain modern aesthetic.