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Getting There: Ogden Valley

by Powderhound Cat November 20 2010 0 Comments


It is only recently (well, the 80s) that Provo and some SLC suburbs surpassed Ogden in population. Ogden was Utah’s second largest city. This makes it home to a big part of Utah’s history. Don’t think that means old, though. Ogden is so hip it has its own iPhone app. If you head up to Wolf Mountain, Snowbasin, or Powder Mountain, you get lucky enough to explore this part of Utah.


Again, the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) operates 4 bus routes directly between Salt Lake City and Ogden. So you can get in to town and then pick a mountain. Then you can ski (imagine that!) and find other adventures to round your trip out. For example, Ogden is a satellite venue of the Sundance Film Festival. For even more events and peruse, (my fave page is here) and enjoy. Want to really go all out and say you did the whole Utah Olympic awesome thing? Curl.


I tried curling for the first time last winter. It was kind of a joke - post Olympic partying kicked in and fused with our determination to milk living in a Winter Wonderland for all it was worth. You’d have to time it right - check the website to make sure there’s a Friday you can try or a Tuesday you can watch. There's also the Salomon Center, which basically has it all; rock climbing, indoor skydiving, and even surf/boogie boarding. 


My message for Ogden should be loud and clear already- it’s not the biggest city, but here in Utah we are able to pack the fun in all around the slopes. Come and see!


Stay tuned for my next post on everything Park City!


* Let it snow *


Powderhound Cat


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Powderhound Cat

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