How To: Make the Most of Pond Skimming

Powderhound Cat

By Powderhound Cat \ March 18 2014 \ 0 Comments

It's no secret I had to learn to love spring skiing. 

I have told you a lot about what to enjoy in past posts like this one and then I've given you some insanely helpful tips about what to DO and NOT to do.

But it hurts me to realize that the only blog about Pond Skimming is over at Canyons blog (which is awesome too). I love it and have had such fun each year fun doing it, so let me elaborate for you and help you plan your weekend. This weekend. And then I'll see you at Canyons Saturday!

It'll be my 3rd year at the event and judging the style of a hundred entrants as they cover themselves in everything from balloons to paper mache to one time (seriously) meat slices. You have to come just for the costumes. So creative and amazing.

Pro Tips:

The event flies by so get there early and get a good seat.

Bring your friends. Every single one. Especially the loud ones.

Skis are not even required, you can ride up the gondola and walk over from Red Pine. Super convenient location.

Scream for you favorite.

Be prepared for a wild adventure.

Apres all over the Canyons. The vibe lasts all day.

Watch all of these.


Have I made my case? The MC is the funniest guy I see once a year and again I've got a fun crew to judge with so come out and enjoy what promises to be a thrilling day.

*Let's enjoy spring skiing*

Powderhound Cat


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