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The Softer Side of Snowbird

by Powderhound Cat March 22 2012 0 Comments

When I think of Snowbird, I think in terms of terrain. Of the challenge of the steep, wild cruising runs I've grown to love rather than fear.

I enjoy venturing out to Little Cottonwood Canyon, but I don't typically stay. I ski and head home.

Last week, with a girlfriend, I headed to Cliff Lodge to change that routine. Our eyes were on the prize: the Cliff Spa.

You might have seen the rooftop of the Cliff Lodge as you drive by. You might think to yourself, as I often have, "That must be nice".

It is.

The views from the spa deck alone make you feel rejuvenated. Talk about meeting the Snowbird mission to “enhance the body, mind, and spirit in everything we do.” It also seemed like a great spot to share your love of skiing with new friends, and tell stories about your visit or trip.

You can get up there with a small entrance fee just to use the locker room and pool/hot tub. Highly recommended.

But you'd almost be doing yourself a disservice. 

The massage I received convinced me (yet again) it should be mandatory. If you ski, get a treatment at least mid-season to ease the aches of all the powder slaying you've been doing.

The newly renovated Spa was an awesome way to spend an afternoon with a great friend. There's a fitness center and yoga studio you could enjoy. In a group or on your own, there are many options to try. 

I walked away with a new appreciation for Snowbird. It is a more inclusive resort than I imagined. Of course it is a place to ski. But it is also a place to share, stay, lounge, enjoy, and appreciate.

*Let it snow*

Powderhound Cat

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