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Three Reasons to Ski Snowbird on May 1, 2008

by Happy Painter May 1 2008 0 Comments

16" of new at Snowbird and it's May 1. MAY FIRST! Remember that "April showers bring May flowers" stuff? Well, the flowers aren't blooming because it's still snowing! I tried to tell myself that work was more important. Really, I did. But it's too much, I can't take it any longer. Mental anguish is setting in.

If you're feeling much the same, there is a cure. Go to Snowbird now!!! Drop what you're doing, start coughing, take a LONG lunch, whatever...just go! You can pull it off, I know you can! I've done it before, trust me.

Three reasons to ski have added up to tip the scales.

Reason #1

snowbird-snowcam-may1-2008 (snowbird-snowcam-may1-2008)

Reason #2

lake-effect-may1 (lake-effect-may1)

Reason #3

My cousin just called from the Peruvian Lift at Snowbird. The conversation was something like this:

"Dude, get out here! It's awesome, regardless of what the calendar says. It's skiing like 2", thigh shots are the norm, the occasional face shot and it's not nearly close to being tracked out...oh yea, and it's still dumping. Hey, gotta go, my phone is getting snow all over it. Later"

I'm out!

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