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I'll See Your 500 and Raise You 116

by Utah Author April 6 2009 0 Comments

On March 26 Alta reached it's coveted 500" of annual snowfall...and promptly added another 116"!  With 616 inches of snowfall so far this season the vibe around town is that we'll be skiing Main Chute well into June.

alta-april2009-powder3-450x337 (alta-april2009-powder3-450x337)

Alta's closing date is the 19th of April and while a lot can happen between now and then, I'm hopeful for at least another 2-3 powder days while the lifts are turning and expect to ski a few times after the lifts have closed.

Which had me thinking, as far as backcounty conditions go do you prefer skiing Alta before the lifts turn or after the lifts stop at the end of their season?  It seems that more people come out before the lifts turn but the snow is so deep after the lifts have stopped.

I took this photo below a couple years ago following a June storm that had me and a few friends skiing Alta in backcountry conditions. Here's hoping for a repeat this season.

dscn3651-450x337 (dscn3651-450x337)


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