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Quenching the Thirst With Another May Storm

by Utah Author May 27 2008 0 Comments

The fat lady has not sung. As I see it the seasons' not over until the last bull wheel creeks to a standstill. As such, with 17" of new snow on Thursday into Friday, I couldn't deny myself another May powder day.

Shark fins lingered under the freshly fallen snow and my Rossignol Scratch Brigades left some p-tex in the sharks teeth, but aside from that one encounter the day was reminiscent of a March powder day. Except for the lack of crowds.

Skiers are funny bunch. Come October we are chomping at the bit, salivating for that first major dump, eager to slide on the most minuscule amounts of snow. Damned be the white ribbon of death, we get after it like there will be no tomorrow.

Soon enough May arrives and with over 10' at the top of the Snowbird there will most certainly be a tomorrow, but skiers are over it like a foamy warm beer. Bikes, golf clubs, trail runners all seem to beckon more loudly than before and we give in to the way of the masses.

But, if you're able to steer clear of the masses for one more month of the year, keeping the skis ready to roll, the reward may be enough to quench the sure to arrive October thirst for snow...maybe.

Here's to a late May powder day at Snowbird that I hope will keep the thirst for snow well at bay during the warm summer months.

snowbird-may23-powderfield (snowbird-may23-powderfield)

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