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And there you have it. @pcski #OneParkCity

And there you have it. #OneParkCity #skiutah

In with a Bang, Out with some Pow

by Happy Painter April 1 2010 2 Comments


Spring made the decision to move in. Winter started packing up his stuff to move out. Then Winter said, you know what, I always liked this place, what's the rush? I think I'll stick around for a little while longer. Spring got kind of pissed. After all, winter is kind of messy, leaving his stuff all over the place. But then Spring thought about it, and said there's plenty of room here for both of us. Winter, you can stay a little while longer, you can sleep on the couch. Winter and Spring ended up being friends.

Last Friday produced a nice little powder weekend up at Snowbird. It may have been spring in the valley, but it was still winter at the Bird. Below is a short little Flickr slideshow of an early Tram adventure, which produced almost 10,000 vertical feet of skiing, all before breakfast.



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