Phat Tuesday and the Overlap of Winter and Spring

By Thomas Cooke Mar 11, 2011
Spring is coming to Utah. Which usually means, yup, more Winter. I can hardly wait.
Phat Tuesday and the Overlap of Winter and Spring


This is right about the time of the year when you hear it a lot: “I’m ready for Spring.” What does that mean? I hear it from skiers and non-skiers alike. I hear it from resort employees who have just ushered away the last few remaining out-of-towners from Presidents Week. I’m all for sunshine. I’m all for getting on my bicycles and my motorcycle, but folks, the show is not quite over. Sure enough, I’m ready for the NCAA basketball tournament, and will be pulling for the UCONN Huskies, a rite of Spring. But I’m also pulling for the kind of powder days we tend to get in March and April, when the fast moving storms come in, dump their fluffy pleasure on our peaks, then move out just as fast, leaving us with blue sky and sunshine. From that perspective, ok. Sure. I’m ready for Spring in Utah.

Excited? Powder at PCMR (gopr0010_phattuesday)

Tracks on the Frontside (img_0241_phattuesday)

Phat Tuesday Photo courtesy of Jay Burke (dsc_0017_phattuesday)