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Early Season Avalanche Thoughts

by Utah Author November 10 2008 0 Comments


Courtesy of Bruce Kobernik.

This new snow excites us and will coax some people willing to sacrifice some p-tex into the backcountry for some early season bliss. Along with the fun we need to start thinking about avalanche safety as well. A quick review of the books Snow Sense by Fessler/Fredston or the freshly revised Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain by Bruce Tremper is always a good method of getting our brains thinking snow again. Do a thorough check of your rescue gear to make sure there wasn’t something broken or missing from last season. Make sure your probe and shovel assemble and disassemble properly. Put new batteries in your avalanche transceiver and make sure it’s both sending and receiving signals at both close and far distances.

Read the whole article here.  Don't become a statistic just because you're too stoked to be cautious.  Ski resorts that aren't open yet need to be treated as backcountry terrain.  Ski Patrol isn't yet doing avalanche work and resorts that are not open.


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