About Us

The Utah Ski and Snowboard Association is a non-profit trade organization founded in 1975 with the aim of promoting Utah's ski and snowboard industry. Our membership represents resorts, lodging, transportation, retail, restaurants and other ski and snowboard related services. The Utah Ski and Snowboard Association is governed by a 21-member board of directors elected from its membership.

Ski Utah is the marketing arm of the Utah Ski & Snowboard Association and has been creating brand awareness of and demand for the Utah wintersports product since its inception in 1975. Ski Utah publishes Ski Utah magazine, an annual publication which is distributed to hundreds of thousands of skiers and snowboarders annually. Ski Utah also owns and maintains SkiUtah.com with the most up-to-date snow and travel information. The Ski Utah Snow Report, compiled each morning by Ski Utah staff, is distributed to hundreds of media outlets throughout the country, posted on skiutah.com and recorded on a hotline for skiers and snowboarders. The snow report is also available through the Ski Utah app on iPhone, Android and other devices.


Meet The Team

Nathan Rafferty Headshot

Nathan Rafferty
President & CEO
since | October, 1998

Anelise Bergin Headshot

Anelise Bergin
Director of Communications
since | August, 2019

Chris Pearson Headshot

Chris Pearson
Creative Director
since | May, 2001

Ben Emery Headshot

Ben Emery
Marketing Manager | Passport Director
since | September, 2013

Raelene Davis Headshot

Raelene Davis
VP Marketing & Operations
since | April, 1985

Hailey Klotz Headshot

Hailey Klotz
Director of Content
since | January, 2013

Albert Kenworthy Headshot

Albert Kenworthy
Sales and Membership Manager
since | December, 2017

Luke Ratto Headshot

Luke Ratto
Director of Digital | Interconnect Tour Program Director
since | May, 2006

Keane Horner Headshot

Keane Horner
Partnerships Manager
since | December, 2018



Our Mission:
Inspire the world to Ski Utah.

Our Vision:
To be the world's greatest ski destination.

Our Values:

  • Passion - Have passion in everything we do.
  • Integrity - Be honest and forthright.
  • Creativity - Think differently.
  • Teamwork - Work together toward a common goal.
  • Fun - Always!



Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

Ski Utah
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(801) 534-1779

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