Absinthe "Ready" Premiere

By Tim Roberts Sep 1, 2008

On Saturday night I took Jake and Kristian over to the Tower Theater to watch the World Premiere of the new Absinthe flick "Ready".  By the time the doors opened I was really ready, because we'd been crammed in outside the theater on a hot night for like 45 minutes.  But, all those sweaty teens just made me more ready than ever to watch some cool winter action.

The movie was great. Not too much jibbing, but, what there was was pretty heavy.  Big consequence on some burly rails and wallrides were the order of the day.  But, as usual what really stood out for me was the freeriding.  Lots of big hits, big lines, and deep powder.  Exactly what I've come to expect from Absinthe.  The movie was pretty much snow porn with little narrative, but, the action was fierce.  It seemed like Nicolaus Muller was clocking more screentime than anyone, but, he deserved it.  You could tell he was getting after it last season.

My only gripe with the whole thing was the projection.  Who knows what kind of projector the Tower has, but, it was pretty damn fuzzy and I thought my eyes were going to catch on fire after about 20 minutes of squinting at the screen.  I'd like to see a shred movie on the big screen just once with some real stunning projection, that would give the movie the premier that it deserves.

Anyway, the movie really made me yearn for cold snow on my face, down jackets, and squeaky chairlift rides in a whiteout.  With today's change in weather, it's raining and even hailing in SLC today, I'm feeling like winter really is right around the corner.  Bring it on.