AJ Motion Sports has Evolved Season Ski Rentals

By Yeti Nov 13, 2017
AJ Motion Sports season rental packages are a hit for Utah locals.
AJ Motion Sports has Evolved Season Ski Rentals

Gear can often pose one of winter's most daunting hurdles when it comes to fast-growing kids. Enter the affordable and convenient season rental model. Ski mom's, this one's for you! 

The season rental model helps families that need a low cost and more convenient option when compared to the daily rental. By renting for the season, many families increase their skier days, especially season pass holders who have just a few hours to squeeze in runs. Season rentals also pair well with community “learn to ski” programs. AJ Motion Sports helps to make the season rental the best option for most skiers and riders. Check out the TOP 10 reasons to not purchase new skis for kids. 

Ski Season Rentals

A Super Smooth Season Renting Experience at AJ Motion

  • Locally owned, with a staff that truly cares about you
  • Eight years of growth in the season rental program 
  • Paperless system that tracks customer history
  • Many options available for every level of skier including, last year’s demo skis
  • Equipment properly fitted and tuned
  • One stop for everything a new skier needs:

    •           Learning devices, helmets, goggles, socks, under layers, gloves, pants, and jackets 

Woman Shopping At AJ Motion Sports

"Attentive, friendly, and knowledgeable staff. Went in for season ski rentals and came away with a great deal and equipment." - Rich V.

Huge selection

  • Large selection of new and used gear
  • Huge selection of kid's gear
  • Large selection of brand new skis starting Labor Day weekend
  • Previous year’s demo skis offered with upgraded boot for $199 and under
  • Many styles of past years boots with upgraded packages
Child Looking At Seasonal Ski Rentals

Better financial investment for the customer

  • Buying rarely makes sense
  • Personal interaction with staff
  • Free monthly tuning
  • No risk on the functionality and comfortability of equipment
  • Season renters automatically get discounts for accessories all season long
  • Math behind a demo ski rental versus purchase over 4 years, technology:
    •           Season rental price for new Atomic Vantage 85, lightly used boot, and composite poles only $199.99         
    •           To purchase and maintain for one season an online sale price would be close to $750 ($419 for ski and binding, $40 for mount, $40 for new composite poles, $200 for boots, and $40 for tuning through season). The retail price of this package would be well over $1000.

Socially responsible

  • Rental models offer less waste
  • Equipment properly maintained and cared for

Kids grow, but both kids and adult’s skill set can grow faster

  • Many new adults need to get a stiffer or longer ski within the same season

Improved safety

  • All bindings are tested before skis go out
  • Every ski is tuned properly before it goes out
  • Every ski is fit and set properly to the individual’s current height, weight, and skier ability 
  • Adjustments and further testing can be offered mid-season if necessary

Ski Tuning Seasonal Rentals

Location, Location, Location: 

AJ Motion Sports - Sandy

AJ Motion Sports - Solitude/Brighton

Note: This is a sponsored post by AJ Motion Sports.