18 Years Old and Shot Some of the Best Time Lapse Photography I've Seen!

By Snowboard Muse \ April 13 2015

Taylor Maag is 18 years old, a Utah Local and phenomenal photographer. Watch this edit to see some of the amazing images he has captured!!!

He started working on this video in December 2013. He traveled from every corner of the state to get these shots. From the High Uintas to Bear Lake to Lake Powell to Brighton Resort. Each shot alone is about 10 hours of work. He is  "Just glad to have been able to make it all happen."


He has also captured some incredible snowboard/ski cinematography! Keep and Eye out for this dude!! 


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"What I love to do is snowboard, photography, and video. I try to combine all of these into one. I hope to someday work at a resort as a videographer/photographer."

Follow his Instagram https://instagram.com/tmaag_photography/

-Taylor Maag

Taylor Maag