2015/2016 Snowboard Season Best Days!

2015/2016 Snowboard Season Best Days!

Snowboard Muse

By Snowboard Muse \ May 12 2016

Every year we hope for copious amounts of snow. This winter did not disappoint! Here are some of my favorite days of the 15/16 winter. 

#1 Sundance Mountain Resort! Sleeper bluebird powder day! Full Story


#2 Five FEET of snow at Snowbird?! We caught up with a heavy hitting crew and shredded the Bird! Full Story



#3 First rideable storm of the year and Kicker Dog's 1st big adventure. Full Story


#4 Sundance Film Festival Pow Day. The film festival always brings a good storm for those unprepared L.A. city slicker folks! Kicker Dog also sends his first Tomahawk! Filmed at Park City Mountain and Guardsmen's pass. Full Story


#5 Powder Mountain... Need I say more? Full Story

#6 Brian Head Ski Resort Southern Utah's Powdery Little Secret! Full Story




Croshane Media and Taylor Maag

And everyone else who helped along the way!


If you're not into sliding sideways—you should check out Powderhound Matt Baydala's blog for a two planking daffy of a good time! He had some insane days this year as well!  https://www.skiutah.com/blog/authors/matt/alta-opening-day-2015

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A closer look... We dropped in from the pointed peak at the top of the image. Road the pow field over the snow bridge toward the the shaded spine wall. On belay we snuck into the corniced spine wall. Once in the line made a few turns, managed some slough, then cut lookers left around the peppered rocks to air the bergshrund and cut hard lookers right to travers out above all the broken glacial ice. It was very clear that it was a no fall zone as it was incredibly steep with rocks and or bottomless ice below. Falling anywhere on this would have very very serious consequences... Potentially death. I ended up falling in the worst place possible. I tomahawked after airing the bergshrund above the broken glacial ice. Thankfully I remained calm and used the momentum to get back to my feet quickly and traversed out safely. This was my 1st time ever being on anything of this steepness, magnitude and consequence. Thankfully knowing how to fall is one of my strong points 😜. Alaska has been humbling and confidence building all at the same time. I learned more on this trip to Denali than I would have ever imagined. Thanks to the crew out there who let me tag along! Season two of the #tinyhomeadventure is going to be pretty dang epic if I do say so myself! This line was named "Chips and Liquor" by the Canadian tele skier who envisioned the line and dropped 1st, Henry barrett. @maverik_inc @rossignol @coastportland @gopro @discrete #snowboarding #skiing #snowboard #ski #glacier #crevasses #epic #gnarly #goatworthy #radical #ipoopedmyself #tinyhome #adventure #tinyhomeadventure

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