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Do you like free? I do.

Do you like really great music? Me too!

How about taking that AND adding the world's best freeskiers? Yeah, now it's a party.

Skiers and non-skiers alike need to plan on coming up the canyon to Main Street on Wednesday, January 30th. Deer Valley puts together an amazing weekend and this concert kicks it off. 

I'm so excited I can hardly type. If I miss something, click HERE for the full schedule of events.




One of my favorite bands!

More fireworks!

I've been attending these events for three years and I'm so looking forward to another great night, dressed in layers of warm ski gear, dancing around in the snow at the concert. Then, watching the performance of the athletes. It's so inspiring. Being around international lovers of the sport and the competition creates a shared atmosphere of pure joy. I'm not even exaggerating. I'm always so moved to see Deer Valley become a stage for their skill. It's thrilling. The aerials look so dramatic and amazing up close. And these mogul skiers just RIP. If you haven't been up to watch you're missing out. I hope I see you up there!

Here's footage and a recap from Matt last year. 

Also not too miss is the Sprint U.S. Grand Prix hosted down the road at Park City Mountain Resort. The Grand Prix is Jan 30 - Feb 2 and features both halfpipe and progression big air events.

*Let it snow*

Powderhound Cat

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